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Toonrush Reel

We present a sample of our work: a unique blend of 2D art design, compelling CG characters, rich textured worlds and powerful Visual FX.

Mia and Me Series Trailer

Plunged into a fantasy world, Mia must find the strength within herself to save a race of unicorns – and en entire world.

Parallel Parker

A world of universes and a Parker for every one, working together to save the multiverse. Oh, and maybe they can figure out the whole “school thing” while they’re at it.

Dex Hamilton Movie Trailer

It’s the year 3000 and there is one man that can maintain the balance between man and nature: Alien Entomologist Dex Hamilton

Pepe - Fun 2D Animation

Good old fashioned 2D animation. It brings back memories of inspector gadget, Saturday morning cartoons and sugary cereal. Ah, the good old days!

Playmobil Movie

Ahoy, matey, Your favourite Playmobil toys have come to life in a swashbuckling adventure and you’re invited to join them.

Dancemaker Game

Combining world class motion captured dancers, gorgeous CG dance models and a myriad backgrounds and visual effects, you become the Dancemaker.

Devolution Trailer

For billions of years, evolution has moved us forward, until now! A catastrophic event has changed the world and reversed the genetic code. Devolution!




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